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Moving Heads_edited.jpg

Intelligent lighting is a perfect addition to those special moments. Spotlight the special dances, entrances, speeches, and of course the energy these lights bring to the dance floor is remarkable.

Fire and Ice_edited.jpg

The fire and ice experience is a very exciting addition to the first dance. This will surely widen the eyes and smiles of everyone in the room. The photo opportunities are sweet too!


Add a static or automated monogram custom designed with unique attributes made special for your event. The monogram will be strategically placed in an agreed location that will personalize your venue space a little more!

Spot Light Dance_edited.jpg

Spot light dances are such a memorable experience. This is a total customizable services can happen whenever you feel is the perfect moment. So if  it makes sense for the first dance or the last dance while your guests await your exit. The choice is yours! This shared moment also makes for a beautiful photo opportunity for your photographer to capture. 

Cloud Effect.jpg

Dancing on the cloud is such an amazing attribute for you and your guests to experience. The amazing cloud simulation makes for a peaceful moment singling out you and your newly wedded spouse during special moments. You can let your imagination run wild of the possibilities for color and even an added sparkler affect!


The photo booth experience really  adds some extra excitement and extra captured memories for you and your guests. Pose with props in front of a backdrop of your choosing. Your guests can take all sorts of memorable pictures front and center of a custom background designed special for your event. The only thing to worry about here is having fun because a wonderful team member will be tending to the booth all night. All captured media will be sent to you in the days following all the fun.

360 Picture_edited.jpg

The 360 photo booth experience is another great way to capture great moments and messages from your guests. It is so simple to use too. All you have to do is grab your favorite prop and bust a move. A team member will make sure you have a great experience each and every time. Picking a special song and personalized boarder for each 360 photo will make the 360 photo booth  on of a kind for you. The following days after the fun all the media will be sent as a keepsake for you to watch over and over again.

UpLighting Shot_edited.jpg

Create the perfect ambiance at you're venue by complimenting your color scheme with up lighting. These up lights are completely wireless and can be placed around the room drawing attention to special focal points while augmenting the walls and structure that make up your lovely event space. Maybe you want your whole room light pink but the cake table to glow white. Maybe it's desired that the room has a slow golden pulse while the lighting around the head table is static. It's all possible and waiting for your input. The best part about these up lights is when it's time to dance the lighting quickly transforms the room into party mode with many light sequences in tune with the music.

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