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My Story

DJ Paul T is the owner of In Tune Event Management. The main goal for DJ Paul T to go above and beyond what’s expect to provide you with a personalized service. With over a hundred weddings executed he has a fair share of experience and will bring a lot of added value to your wedding. DJ Paul T is a trusted professional by other professional DJ companies around the Maryland area. He is known for being attentive, detail oriented, and organized for each of his clients. DJ Paul T provides more than just DJ services. He also can provide special effects that include, cloud effect, cold spark simulators for a grand entrance, and intelligent light Shows. DJ Paul T also is the one couples go to for Photo Booth and 360 Photo Booth. Contact DJ Paul T at and experience the professionalism and quality that you deserve on your wedding day.

"As a wedding pro I utilize my education and experience to go beyond the set standard of a wedding DJ."
-DJ Paul T

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